Angela White Q&A on ‘Angela Vol. 3’

Angela Vol. 2 seemed like a movie that could never be topped, but star Angela White is fearless in her exploration of her own sexuality. Angela Vol. 3 ups the ante even further in exciting, personal new ways and promises to be one of the top porn movies of 2017. Adult Empire chatted with the Australian superstar about this latest triumph.

  1. You’ve said, “Trust defines this movie.” Could you elaborate on that?

True intimacy is built upon a foundation of trust. It is the trust that I placed in my co-stars and crew that allowed me to be so vulnerable in this movie. To allow myself to give up control and be ravished in the gangbangs I had to trust that my co-stars would use my body in ways that would bring me pleasure. When executing acts like double anal and triple penetration I had to trust in the care and skill of my on-screen partners. And a creampie scene mandates the ultimate trust between the people involved, both physically and emotionally.

  1. The Angela series is known for featuring numerous firsts in each installment. Was it hard coming up with exciting new firsts for this latest volume? Did you ever worry that Angela Vol. 2 might be impossible to top?

The beauty of sexuality is that there is always something new to explore. Human sexuality excites me, in part, because of its diversity. There’s no limit to what can be considered sexy or sexual; there are always more fantasies to explore and different acts to experience. While I did explore new physical acts in Angela Vol. 3, it is the emotional exploration in the film that sets it apart from Angela Vol. 2. It’s true that I never thought I would be able to surpass Angela Vol. 2. When it was released I called it my magnum opus because I didn’t see how it would be possible to top a release that featured my first blowbang, first gangbang and first triple penetration. But with Angela Vol. 3 I managed to create something more visually stunning, more coherent, more beautiful and even more hardcore.

  1. The movie features several types of double penetration – vaginal DP, double anal and even triple penetration. Which do you find the most pleasurable?

I love the sensation of having my pussy and my butt stimulated and filled at the same time, so regular double penetration is the ultimate position for me.

  1. For a personal movie like this, having a reliable person behind the camera must be essential. Talk about your working relationship with Chris Streams, who did the camera work for Angela Vol. 3.

For a release this important, I definitely needed to have someone I trust to capture the action for me. Chris and I started shooting together in 2015 when I invited him to be part of the making of Angela Vol. 2. He did an amazing job for that release and our workflow and chemistry has only gotten better as we have shot more movies together. His camera skills are incredible and he has always been so generous with his time, effort and energy. I’m so grateful to have Chris as part of my team. I couldn’t have created Angela Vol. 3 without him.

  1. You have a particularly tangible connection with Manuel Ferrara onscreen in this movie. Are there times when you feel a strong connection in a scene but then it does not come across in the movie itself? Do you think chemistry is hard to capture on film?

I’ve always had great chemistry with Manuel, but in our scene for Angela Vol. 3 we connected on a whole other level. I think a good director and camera operator will always search for and find those authentic moments of intimacy and chemistry. I think those are the moments that resonate most with an audience. With the right eye, I don’t think that chemistry is hard to capture, but it is certainly difficult to manufacture. True chemistry radiates through the screen.

  1. The Manuel creampie scene has been billed as your “first and only creampie.” Why did you decide to make it your only one? What’s your take on the creampie genre in general?

Internal ejaculation is a very personal thing for me so I never wanted to do it with anyone and everyone. There are increased risks involved that I am not willing to take on a regular basis. But on an emotional level, I think vaginal creampies are one of the most intimate moments a man and a woman can share. The trust you must have with your partner makes internal ejaculation incredibly special.

I don’t have a particular take on the creampie genre per se. I didn’t film the scene with Manuel to fit within that genre. In fact, I specifically directed Chris not to do a close up shot of the cum leaking out of me because I didn’t want that to be the focus. I wanted intimacy and trust to be the focus, rather than the spectacle of the creampie. Knowing that it was going to be my only creampie scene also encouraged me to hold nothing back. I let my guard down and just laid myself bare. It was a powerfully freeing experience.

  1. Gangbangs are sometimes characterized as degrading to women. In what ways do you think the gangbangs in Angela Vol. 3 push back against that idea?

There are a lot of misconceptions about gangbangs. I can’t speak for everyone and I certainly can’t claim that all gangbangs are empowering, but I can say that they have been for me. I’ve done three gangbangs and all three have been produced and directed by myself, for my own company. That means that I am in control of everything from the wardrobe, location and crew members through to the male cast, the length of scene and what acts we will attempt (with prior consent from all performers involved). I’m basically orchestrating my own fantasy gangbang that would be near impossible to organize outside of porn. For me, knowing that I have complete control over a situation gives me permission to let go and give up control. At the end of the day, the male talent know that they are there to service me, my wishes and my desires and that’s an incredibly powerful position to be in.

  1. Was it intimidating working with Mandingo in an anal scene? Is it true that for you anal sex is in some ways easier with a well-endowed co-star like Mandingo?

I definitely upgraded to a longer and thicker “warm-up toy” before the Mandingo scene. But once I was turned on and in the scene Mandingo slid right in! He even ended up going straight from my pussy to my butt with no lube with no problem. I actually find it easier to take really big cocks anally. I have a short torso so my vaginal canal isn’t particularly long. A big cock will hit my cervix sooner, which isn’t pleasant for anyone. As long as my butthole is relaxed and ready, I can take a lot more inside of it.

  1. Is there anything about the movie that you would change if you could?

Not. One. Thing. If it’s possible for a movie to be perfect for me, this is it.

  1. You have the unique talent of never seeming to be “out of the moment” on camera. You always seem completely involved and committed, almost as if the camera isn’t there. How do you achieve that?

My goal in every scene is to connect with my on-screen partner physically and emotionally and the only way for me to truly achieve this is to be present in the moment with them. I also approach every scene as an experience and as another step in my sexual journey. I love what I do and I’m grateful to be living my dream so I want to embrace every second.

Angela White stars in Angela Vol. 3 porn movie.

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