Asa Akira Makes an Appearance on ‘Family Guy’

Asa Akira is no stranger to mainstream appearances and projects. She made a cameo in the movie Starlet, she has appeared on the sex advice show Loveline, she produced a line of candles, and she’s published two bestselling books. Her latest crossover venture is a brief role on Fox TV’s popular show Family Guy! And unlike the celebrity guests who sometimes join episodes of other animated hits like The Simpsons, Asa Akira actually gets to appear on camera in this one.

The sequence finds Family Guy protagonist Peter Griffin interviewing Akira (unnamed but obviously playing a variation on herself) in a spoof of the classic casting-couch scenario. Griffin explains the situation and Akira amusingly claims to be new to on-camera action. The scene ends just as Griffin concocts a typically implausible justification for removing his pants. (Really, aren’t all such justifications usually quite implausible?)

Watch the clip here:

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