Exclusive ‘Dirty Cinderella Story’ Behind-the-Scenes Video!

For Girlsway, a modernized Cinderella was a story where the slipper was an easy fit. Girlsway is known for its elaborately plotted all-girl movies, many of which have a supernatural or magical flavor. Think of The Turning, with its ghoulish zombies, or the mystical voodoo doll of The Secret Package. Cinderella has been portrayed before in porn — most notably in Wicked’s 2014 adaptation — but never with the unique spin Girlsway gives it. Starring A.J. Applegate as the title character and Jelena Jensen as the evil stepmother, A Dirty Cinderella Story is now available on Adult Empire VOD.

Writer Bree Mills said, “We thought we’d put a twist on a centuries-old tale of an innocent young girl in the crosshairs of domineering mean girls and stepmother—with a lot of sexual tension. We are proud of this new mini-series and hope fans love it too.” The story is uprooted from the fantasy castles of the original tale and planted in the modern day, complete with all the intriguing implications of the family roleplay genre. It also trades the glamour of royalty for an equally glitzy milieu: Hollywood! In this version, Cinderella comes from a family of well-known actors.

Get a one-of-a-kind glimpse at the making of the movie in this behind-the-scenes video, made exclusively for Adult Empire. A.J. Applegate and others discuss their characters and the movie’s plot, and you’ll get to see the filmmakers in action both on set and on location.

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