The Plot Thickens: Dani Daniels Meets ‘Sexbot’ Cherie DeVille

It’s often said porn is plotless, but we say the people who think that just aren’t looking hard enough. Plenty of porn movies have plotlines! Sure, many of them are goofy and sometimes asinine . . . but you can rest assured that the makers of the movies are in on the joke. In the start of a new series on the Adult Empire Blog, we look at zany, wild and weird porn plots and scenes. First up? “Asstronaut Vs. Cherie 2000” from Lick Her License Vol. 2.

After glimpsing an evocative shot of a ’50s-style sci-fi movie poster, we see Dani Daniels‘s penis-shaped ship flying through space in a moment of Austin Powers-style visual punning. Dani is an intergalactic traveler deployed to explore a mysterious planet. Electronic music and some odd “touch-tone phone keypad” effects set the tone as we wonder what she might discover there. (She is worried about noxious planetary gases but doesn’t seem to have an airtight seal on her spacesuit. We’ll try not to overthink that.)

A green-faced alien makes an inexplicable appearance before Cherie DeVille marches onscreen, complete with robotic movements and Robocop-style voice. It turns out Cherie is a custom-built sexbot, created to the precise specifications of Earth porn. Aliens want to repopulate their planet, and Cherie’s robotic seduction program is how they plan to achieve it! (The slightly jarring edit in the midst of Cherie’s first mini-monologue suggests there was more expository dialogue cut from the finished scene. Director’s cut, anyone?) Dani is initially skeptical, but she is soon coaxed onto a conveniently placed black couch for some interstellar all-girl action. “You’re over 18, right?” Dani quickly asks. “I do not know what this ’18’ means, but I have a nice vagina,” Cherie retorts in a compelling case of space-opera logic.

It transpires that Cherie has actually been designed for B/G action¬†only and not for lesbian sex, which results in a few awkward moments. (When Cherie initiates the “blowjob” sequence of her sex program, she grasps in the air for an imaginary penis, much to Dani’s confusion.) It’s also amusing to see Cherie’s robot character pepper the lesbian action with sentences like “Must have genital connection for re-population!” Eventually, Cherie’s program overloads, she collapses in a state of malfunction, and Dani is scared off by the arrival of the green-faced alien, who shrugs with bemused indifference at the failure of the re-population initiative. To boldly go, indeed.

Check out the scene’s opening moments:

Watch the scene here on Adult Empire (Adult Empire Unlimited members can watch free as part of their subscription here).

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