Men Discuss What They Really Think of Their Penis Size

Gents, are you happy with the size of your equipment? Maybe you think it’s too small, maybe you think it’s too big, or maybe you think everything is exactly the ideal size. Boasts about endowments have formed the basis of locker-room banter since the very first ruler was invented, but scholars writing for the Archives of Sexual Behavior have taken a more scientific approach. They polled over 4,000 men on their thoughts about their own penises.

Researchers asked men to rate their satisfaction with their genitals in a wide range areas, from conventional aspects such as “length of erect penis” to more unusual ones like “genital veins” and “location of uretha.” Most men were, in fact, pleased with their equipment across the board, with just 14% of men reporting an overall score of “dissatisfied.” Twenty percent said they were dissatisfied with the length of their erect penis, while 27% said they were disappointed in the size of their flaccid penis. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), men who said they were unhappy with their package overall also reported having less sex than other guys.

We’d have to wonder what the results would be if the scholars polled a group of pornstars about the very same questions. Presumably the answers would skew more toward the positive, but some male stars have flourished despite penises they are not overly pleased with. (Ed Powers, for instance, is known to poke fun at his modest endowment in interviews.)

Read more about the study here.

Featured image: Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons picture

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