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Editor’s note: the following post was written by Adult Empire in-house reviewer Domineera.

The Kiiroo was definitely an experience and there was a lot to take in. I will explain everything there is to want to know about it in simple terms that anyone can understand. Right off the bat, I will give it a 4 and explain why it’s not the perfect masturbator.

So right away I am holding this big intimidating box in my hands and I peek around to look at all the functions available on this thing. It’s called a teledildonic which is technology for remote sex (or, at least, remote mutual masturbation), where tactile sensations are communicated over a data link between the participants. Sounds fun, right? This is a great concept for people who live on long distance relationships especially.

The contraption is cushioned in a fancy black folding box. I probably would just cushion the thing in my underwear drawer for future use. So the first order of business is getting the Kiiroo out and connected to a charging port. They say to charge it for at least 4-5 hours before you start using it. DO IT! Meanwhile, I had to register my device and try to figure out all of the other websites that work with this thing. You can definitely use this for solo play or it can connect to the Kiiroo Pearl which is a vibrator more made for female use.

I only have the Kiiroo Onyx so I tested this out with my boyfriend as it is. It was pretty simple to register and you do have to download an app for use on your phone/tablet. It’s called “Feel Connect” so make sure you have that one for set up. There’s also another app called VirtualRealPlayer you might want to consider for use on other sites with the same product.

So I had to set up the squishy Fleshlight insert that clips onto the Onyx. A little tough to get just right but we did it. Hmm, I honestly found it hard to believe Fleshlight was the same company that made this insert. Already owning a few Fleshlights I found the insert definitely lacking. It’s just a really squishy material but it doesn’t have that realistic feel like the Fleshlight does. I was wondering if you could even try pairing the Onyx with different strokers but I didn’t try that for now.

So running along the front of the Onyx is the manual sensor. If you run your finger up and down the inside rings will undulate in the direction your fingertip goes. You could set up the Onyx to move by itself automatically. Just one turn off about it is the loud sound of it. In order to not get distracted I would say you need to plug in some headphones to the video you are watching and watch it on full blast or crank up your TV/speakers. That sound can just get really distracting as it sounds like some sort of robot walking around.

The neat thing about the Onyx is the pairing you can do with your partner if they have the same device type. It’s also neat that there are so many videos out there that work with this. You do get a complimentary video of the corresponding porn star that’s on the box of your purchase. This device also works with a game called Red Light District which is kind of popular in the sexual world of gaming. If you’re into Hentai which is the Japanese sex cartoons there are a ton of videos for that as well.

So you get to experience sensation that pairs with videos you are watching which is the main positive of this device. You get to experience sexual play with your long distance lover. These are the two main reasons why you want to own this device. If you’re looking for plain ol manual stroking fun then honestly go with the Fleshlight because it’s their best/simplest stroker. Kiiroo is definitely something new and exciting. Try it out if you need to experience something new and fun.

4/5 stars

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