VOD Exclusive: ‘Confessions of a Sinful Nun’ Revives Nunsploitation

“We must be strong. The path to salvation is not an easy one. We all made sacrifices when we took the veil. We promised to renounce sex, alcohol and the pleasures of life outside of these walls,” says Nina Hartley‘s mother superior character midway through Confessions of a Sinful Nun. It will come as no surprise that all those renunciations soon fall by the wayside as lust and sin take over. A provocative throwback, the movie is the brainchild of newcomer Ricky Greenwood and is a streaming exclusive on Adult Empire VOD!

Greenwood conceived the script as a revival of the ’70s shock genre called “nunsploitation.” “These films typically involve nuns living in convents and have a religious and sexual nature, like religious or sexual suppression due to living in celibacy. For me it’s the perfect premise for an all-girl adult movie. So I apply the same recipe for Confessions of a Sinful Nun. It’s my way to pay homage to Ken Russell, Jess Franco and Joe D’Amato while capturing all-girl eroticism,” Greenwood told XBIZ.

Sinful Nun finds Charlotte Stokely questioning her vows when she is tasked with mentoring an impressionable new sister played by Lily Adams. Already flush with excitement from a glimpse of an outdoor tryst between Darcie Dolce and Penny Pax, Stokely’s resolve to resist the temptation of the flesh slowly begins to falter. All is under the watchful eye of Hartley as the stern mother superior, who may find herself giving into a few temptations of her own.

The movie retains the visual flavor of its inspiration right down to details like poster art, which has the retro painted style of an old ’70s one sheet. “I want to give Sweetheart [Video] fans the ultimate cinematic experience while capturing all-girl eroticism,” Greenwood said.

While the movie is certainly Greenwood’s creative vision, he had some veteran guidance for his first directorial effort. In the closing title scroll, Dana Vespoli receives co-director credit, and the movie is imbued with some of her stylistic influences. Indeed, she was key to assembling the movie’s impressive array of performers. “I had a wonderful cast for my first film, thanks in large part to Dana Vespoli’s assistance,” Greenwood said.  (Vespoli even makes a cameo as a nun who is put on the spot when she’s asked to say a blessing before dinner. Sweet Sinner director James Avalon also shows up in a non-sex role.)

Confessions of a Sinful Nun is an AE VOD exclusive until August 30, so stream it here!


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