Supernatural Sex Part 5

Editor’s note: This post by Cyclops is a work of fiction. Read Part 4 here.

So, I had to deal with my new superpower as I referred to it. I was afraid to tell anyone, so every day I would simply live my life. I would wake up as a super hot and irresistible guy who could have my pick of the ladies, and as soon as I came I would be back to my normal, old, flabby self. But one thing the crone said to me kept sticking with me. Something about the one who loves me. I don’t know. I couldn’t develop relationships with these women that were like magnets to me in the morning, and then couldn’t get away from me fast enough as soon as I came and reverted back to my normal form. I started to get lonely, maybe even more lonely than I was before I got this weird power.

I decided to try online dating. At first it was all about seeing how far I could take hook ups. I had threesomes, orgies, and even got lesbians to fuck me, all the while wondering why they were suddenly attracted to a guy. However,  never got past the first encounter. That was until I met Julia. She was different. We took things slower. We chatted online for a few months before we even met up. She was a cute older woman, who was closer to my true age than my hot persona’s age of about 25. She had dyed blonde hair and a nice figure, but her age did show. She was sweet as pie. She would always send me cute emojis to let me know she was thinking about me. Whenever i went on dates with people, I would always try to refrain from fucking for the whole day so I could still be hot when I met them, but with Julia, the day we were supposed to meet up, I got practically accosted by this hot girl on the bus.

She was probably in her 20’s, maybe early 30’s. She was sitting next to me and couldn’t stop staring. She reached over and silently grabbed my cock and started giving me a handjob. Her hand felt like silk on my dick. Then she acted like she dropped something and started to lick my cock up and down before putting the whole thing in her mouth. The whole time I was trying to be as quiet as possible, but the bumping of the bus made it so I couldn’t control everything and I ended up spewing my jizz after a big bump threw my dick all the way down her throat so far even she was surprised. This put me back to my original form.

I really wanted to meet Julia so I didn’t cancel, but I was nervous. When she saw me she was pleasant, delightful and we had a blast. I was really surprised. We kissed, and I felt myself flicker to my hot self. She looked confused.

“Wow, I thought I saw something just now…”

“Come back to my place?” I asked.

Julia came back and we had some really sweet sex. She was gentle and took care of me. I licked her pussy to completion and then fucked her while staring straight at her. She liked me for me! This was unreal. We both felt satisfied after a romantic night together, and when we woke up together in the morning, we were both hot and attractive. Since then, we stay in that form all the time, and people are always attracted to us. We became swingers first, and then pornstars, and now we just travel the world getting all the action that we want!

Featured image: Brandi Love

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