Financial Domination: The $42,000 Cam Show

Does the sight of an empty bank account get you hot and bothered? Probably not! If it did, a lot of people would be in a constant state of arousal. There are many fetishes and unusual sexual proclivities in the world, though, and one of the oddest was detailed by a high-class cam girl in a fascinating interview with NYMag. One of her clients purchased a cam show at the sky-high price of $42,000 . . . and then never claimed his prize! Merely surrendering thousands of dollars to a beautiful woman was reward enough.

After years without having performed in a cam show, dominatrix Maîtresse Madeline Marlowe opened an auction for the right for a one-hour session with her. “We started it at $500. That was lowest, $500 for an hour. Not bad, right? Over a three-week period, it got past $30,000. On the last day, some guy swooped in and put down $42,000. He had not put any other bids in. He came in with $42,000 and then the auction ended,” Marlowe said.

Bizarrely, when it came time to collect, the winner turned ghost. “When the transfer came through, I sent him an email that said, ‘Let’s set up your show. Tell me a little bit about yourself, what you would like to do, what you would you like to see, would you like me to wear anything in particular?’ And thanking him for being a part of this. And he says, ‘Yeah, you know, I’m really busy with work right now. But I think you’re an amazing performer and that you’re very beautiful. I’ll get back to you when I have time to do the show.’ And that’s the last I heard from him!” Marlowe continued. Interestingly, it was not the only time that particular customer dropped 42K on an unclaimed cam show. Marlowe’s friend and fellow dominatrix Lorelei Lee had an identical experience with the same client.

It’s all part of an unusual subset of sub/dom called “financial domination.” (Sounds like something a James Bond villain would demand after hijacking a stash of nuclear warheads!) “There are clients where pressing that button — and transferring that money — is what’s getting them off. Giving money to their dom. Quite possibly that wire transfer was all he needed,” Marlowe explained. Some other clients expect something in return for their financial largesse, but it’s not always what you’d expect. “They want to buy your garbage. I’ve had someone buy the contents of my garbage for $500 — literally just the garbage in my bedroom,” Marlowe said.

Nice work if you can get it!

Read the full NYMag interview here.

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