Featured Newbie: Honey Gold

“Gold! All my life, I have been in love with its color, its brilliance, its divine heaviness,” says Goldfinger in the movie that bears his name. He is smitten with gold, and who can blame him? We’re pretty sure that if he laid his eyes on pornstar Honey Gold, his reaction would be the same: instant attraction to inherent appeal. Following in the pattern of one of her mentors, Skin Diamond, Gold hews closely to the naturalistic look and approach, a style that pervades all her work and portends bigger and even better things to come. Without a doubt, Gold is a newbie to watch!

Gold is an irrepressible bundle of an energy, an aspect that becomes readily apparent in every interview and scene she appears in. The cheery disposition didn’t always come so easily, though. Gold admits that she struggled with depression when the tedium of office jobs led her to question her place in life. “I’ve been able to do a lot with my life, but it was never satisfactory enough. I wasn’t truly satisfied. That created a serious depression that led to a lot of bad habits and bad behaviors until I started doing what I really love doing. I started with nude modeling and fetish shoots and then it moved into porn,” she told Dogfart in a video interview from earlier this year.

Born in San Francisco, Gold is an ethnic mix of black, Cantonese, Cherokee Indian, Mongolian and Irish. She was homeschooled and never attended a traditional high school, a conservative background that she has departed from completely. “My father and mother are both heavily involved in the church. I come from a very hardcore Christian background. I’m starting to learn that people kind of expect that. I was heavily involved in the Church myself prior to transitioning into porn,” she told Captain Jack of Adult DVD Talk.

“I was exposed to the porn industry a year before I decided to sign with my agent Mark Spiegler. I attended many events with my current boyfriend Donny Sins. He introduced me to many different performers, including Skin Diamond. Eventually I decided to look for representation,” Gold told AVN. (Gold has since joined the OCModeling group.)

Gold has numerous scenes in the can and is reaching the point where they are beginning to debut on DVD. For viewers, a good starting off point is It’s My First Time Vol. 5, which opens with a Joanna Angel/Honey interview before leading into a sex scene featuring Gold and Small Hands.

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