Multiple Studies Show: People Are Having Less Sex

Editor’s note: This post was written by Adult Empire’s newest blogger, Staci.

We have created our site, Adult Empire, to help people have better sex. Yes, really. Everyone has their own opinions about porn and it’s function in a relationship or for solo users, but we really think that porn enhances your sex life whether you haven’t gotten laid in years or you are fucking on the regular. There are so many benefits to watching porn, we can’t list them all here. So we were sad to learn in an article from the BBC (not big black cock, but the news one, you know) that according to more than one study, people are having less sex these days! One study showed that on average, Americans were having less than 9 instances of sex per year. That is just terrible. That’s not even once a month! Now, if you are in that situation and you’re happy with it, more power to you. However, most people would end up sexually frustrated.

Now, the Brits are doing better than the folks in the US. According to a study they have sex 5 times per month, which still doesn’t seem like all that much. However, this was a big drop from a study done about 10 years earlier which showed that Brits had sex just over 6 times a month. What could cause a drop like that? Australians, doing better than everyone else, still have sex about once a week, but 10 years ago their average was 1.8 times per week, and now it has gone down to 1.4 times. In Japan, it’s even worse. 46% of women and 25% of men even go so far as to say that they despise sexual contact, which probably means they are not having it too much.

Why could this be happening? Well, some people try to blame porn, but that all got busted up a few months ago when a study came out which showed that watching porn actually helps you get laid. Other people believe that it is more related to our usage of social media, and the flippant way that online dating sites that have you scrolling through faces work to make us disconnected from our fellow neighbors and potential lovers. In addition, many in the western world are quite literally addicted to working! This doesn’t leave them much time to find a sex partner. Do yourself a favor, take a night off and go watch some porn!

Featured image: Quin Stevenson/Unsplash


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