Mansion Owners – Beware!

A high profile case has hit the news recently. It involves a professional basketball player, a power porn producing couple, and some mold. It is probably one of the more outrageous news stories you will hear this year. The story is that Colette and Brigham Field, the duo behind the amazing artistic porn site X-Art, allegedly rented Chris Bosh’s house for a whopping $138,000. It’s not just a house, it’s a beautiful mansion. If you’ve watched enough porn then you know that a lot of porn shoots are done with lush mansion backdrops, using lovely furniture, big windows and natural light. However, Colette and Brigham reportedly could not even use the house because it was filled with mold and plumbing problems, among other gross problems. They even got sick enough that they had to seek medical treatment! It’s not clear whether the couple planned to use the home for porn shoots or not, but they were planning on staying there.

Bosh has had some health problems himself lately and hasn’t been able to play due to blood clots being discovered in his legs. Other famous people have allegedly rented his house – like Donald Glover – who used it to record one of his rap albums, without any negative comment. According to Glover in an interview online, he said it appeared that Bosh had bought the house as an investment property, but not as a place to live, which could explain why there might have been some unseen issues. However, we hope that all the other porn producers renting sexy mansions for shoots don’t run into any of these issues. Mansions and lush backdrops really make modern porn what it is. One guy who is an expert at finding amazing spots to shoot is Greg Lansky, who is the director for Tushy, Vixen and Blacked. Check out any videos from those productions to see some of the best mansion video shoots around.

Featured image: Vita Vilcina/Unplash

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