Anikka Albrite Offers Her Fleshlight to Bill Nye

Forget Bill Nye the Science Guy.

This is Bill Nye the Fleshlight Guy.

Famous to Millennials and Gen X’ers for his high-energy educational science show from the 1990s, Nye has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. His new Netflix program, Bill Nye Saves the World, has won critical acclaim, and he’s become a regular guest on cable news and talk shows, chiming in on science-related topics like global warming and New Age medicine. He’s also not afraid of delving into steamier subjects! An episode of his show discussed human sexuality and even mentioned the famous Fleshlight brand of strokers via a light-hearted song-and-dance number. Pornstar Anikka Albrite couldn’t be more delighted at the reference and has decided to show her gratitude by offering Nye his very own Anikka Lotus Fleshlight.

“When I heard him mention Fleshlight in his song, I knew I had to send him one! It would be such an honor to know he was experimenting on me!” Albrite said in a press release. “I appreciate his open-minded and out of the box thinking, especially the song’s message for sexual inclusion and acceptance of people no matter their gender or preference! We need more of that in this world.”

“Most people don’t understand how horny geniuses get,” Albrite elaborated. “They forget the largest erogenous zone is the brain. I’d like to help Bill, the way he’s helped so many others. I’m looking forward to hearing from him!” All Nye need do to collect his prize is answer one of Anikka’s posts about the offer on social media. Not surprisingly, the host has not yet responded.

We hope Nye accepts! It’s for science, after all.

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