Screwbox & ‘Apocalypse X’ Director Jakodema Q&A: ‘Chase the Vision, Not the Money’

Director Jakodema, mastermind behind Digital Playground‘s ambitious Mad Max-style adventure Apocalypse X, chats with Adult Empire about his newest venture, the porn label Screwbox.

How did you get your start in porn?  

I was hired as the Creative Director for Digital Playground to help them revamp the brand. That opened the doors to this new world that I knew nothing about and like all new things, the excitement and drive fuels you, giving you leaps of imagination.

What were your first directing projects?

I put a lot of myself in each project but my favorites would be Apocalypse XPrey for the Dying, Ride or Die, and Bullet to the Top.

What inspired the creation of Screwbox?

I’m not the cookie cutter type of person, and it’s hard to always implement new creative ideas and new techniques on a standard that has been presumed to be set. I always like to open new doors, experiment new things, and test boundaries artistically and technically, so I needed to start something like Screwbox.

What is your vision for this brand?

We all are talent and all have something to say, but what can you do when nothing is original anymore and everything has been done? Throw everything away, empty your mind, and rebel. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes for it will lead you to a truly innovative product. My Vision? It has not yet been revealed. But I will say this, just like all toolboxes filled with many different objects, so will Screwbox. Members will have many choices to pick, as we all have different tastes.

Why Screwbox as opposed to any other company?

There’s a quote I always liked so I will refer to that, “Chase the vision, not the money and money will come.” That’s why.

How would you describe your shooting style?

I’m proficient in all styles. After all, I have been a cinematographer all my life, but my style of shooting derives from each script and what’s needed to bring the story to life.

Who do you consider your professional influences as a director?

Wow that’s hard they all are different and all made their mark on making me who I am, but if I had to pick I will say Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Ang Lee, Peter Jackson, and Martin Scorsese.

What is the best part of being behind the camera? 

Take an empty room, now put a camera in it, sit behind it and look at that empty room through the viewfinder. Now close your eyes and start visualizing all the things that will make this room better for you and your viewfinder. Now, go get them! [Also] Power! The power to create and unleash your imagination.

What makes a porn great for you?

Although not accepted by many, because we have taught the world and ourselves not to be accepting, so I will say …Reality.

What porn films have been the most influential to you as a director?  

I’m sorry to say I don’t have any influential films. I come from a mainstream background and made it through like everyone else.

What would your dream directorial project be?

My dream directorial project will be revealed to our members. After all, we do all of this for their entertainment .

What exciting projects do you have coming up in 2017?  

We launched with a style that combines music video techniques and cinematic filming with panoramic views, bright colors, mixture of storylines, great photography, and with the hottest talent out there to get your attention. You haven’t seen anything yet. That was our warm-up. All I will say: Stay close, real close; the true vision of the brand is about to be revealed this spring. But, I promise you this, we will not follow the path, we will create our own trail.

Browse Jakodema movies here, and check out the Screwbox lineup on VOD or AE Unlimited.

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