Pornstars Help with Cancer Awareness

Pornstars have the privilege of getting to examine the balls of plenty of guys in their careers. This can be helpful to find any signs of testicular cancer. In Germany a very memorable public service announcement has come out, which stars European pornstar Lucy Cat. The campaign has both an explicit version of the ad, and a PG-13 version. Lucy explains how around the time of Easter, she likes to go “egg hunting.” In German, eggs are slang for balls. The video is quite sexy and Lucy explains how it’s up to women to help their guys examine their balls, because the girls will be happy since their guys are healthy, and it’s kind of hard for guys to thoroughly examine their own balls! Additionally, Lucy explains that it puts a sexy spin on what could otherwise be a mundane task. In Germany, guys can get free testicle checks each year, but according to statistics, only 11% of the men take advantage of this offer.

This isn’t even the first time that an ad for testicular cancer checks has gone sexy. A few years back, M&C Saatchi, an ad agency, worked with porn production company Digital Playground to add in a testicular cancer PSA to one of their hot movies called Game of Balls, which was a parody of the popular TV show Game of Thrones. In the middle of giving a handjob to a hot guy with a big hard dick, Eva Lovia, a beautiful brunette pornstar, pauses the scene to demonstrate how to give a proper ball check to a guy when you’ve got him in that position.
Both ways of disseminating this information are great. It’s great that pornstars are open to educating everyone about sexual health, because they sure are experts on the topic! They get to be around balls and pussies every single day, so they certainly know the best techniques for sexual health. Has anyone tried these PSA techniques with breast checks? Hopefully we’ll see that next.


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