‘Ms. Grey 2: Darker’ Looks to Outdo ’50 Shades’

50 Shades is a wildly popular series, but in the end it’s still a safe, tame Hollywood project. It’s breezy entertainment, with a limited interest in understanding the true psychological profile of sub/dom relationships. Viewers who want a more legitimate BDSM adventure have an ideal choice in Severe Sex‘s scintillating new sequel Ms. Grey 2: Darker, a follow-up to one of the company’s most critically acclaimed efforts. The movie is slated to debut on DVD on March 6, but fans can get a first look at the movie instantly by joining Severe Sex’s award-nominated, Adult Empire-powered membership site.

Ms. Grey 2: Darker finds the title character returning to her dark relationship with Annabelle Irons (Dolly Leigh), whose eagerness to explore kinky sex ran afoul of Grey’s sociopathic personality in the original Ms. Grey. Annabelle must decide whether the latest wrinkles in their love affair mean Grey has changed for the better, or whether she’s still the manipulative and cruel master that left her so damaged at the end of the first movie. The process is complicated by the reappearance of ghosts from Grey’s past, including Dana Vespoli and Charlotte Sartre, whose presence will bring about passionate revelations all their own.

lcIMG_0425The movie is a collaboration between writer/director/star Lily Cade (who plays Grey) and co-director and Severe Sex co-founder Dee Severe. For Severe, the title Darker gives an instant insight into the movie’s tone. “It really is darker. It probably has the most emotionally heavy scene we’ve ever, ever done, with Lily Cade and Charlotte Sartre. It’s not so much heavier in terms of actual BDSM play, but it’s heavier and darker in terms of the emotional things that we’re talking about,” she notes.

Cade sees the movie as a balancing act between softer scenes and scenes that push the envelope. “A lot of the scenes in this movie are mildly kinky,” Cade says. “The two scenes in the movie that were really kinky, those were real experiences. Those were pushing my own and other people’s limits past where we’d gone before. In those scenes I was absolutely able to let go while I was in the scene and just be in the moment.”

Both Severe and Cade are mindful of the positive and negative influences of the 50 Shades phenomenon. “50 Shades Darker is an atrocious novel, but I understand its appeal,” Cade says. “I read it and I looked at it and I studied it as what it is. It’s a novel about abusive relationships, about psychopathic people and all kinds of wrong shit that you shouldn’t want, but for some reason you do. So I try to channel that and portray the reality of people that act like Christian Grey.”

“The 50 Shades books are tremendously popular, and I do think that they brought a service to kinky people by mainstreaming kinkiness,” Severe says. “I think before that, there was a lot more shame about being kinky.” Nevertheless, much of current bondage play gets caught up in pure theatrics alone, a mistake the Severe Grey series attempts to point out. “Just because you put a girl in latex and give her a flogger doesn’t make her a dominatrix. Rough sex in a dungeon is not BDSM,” Severe elaborates. “So I think there’s a lot of kind of pseudo-BDSM stuff going around and being put out that doesn’t really reflect the proper protocol and the proper safety measures and the way that you really should be having a BDSM relationship in real life.”

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