Just What Exactly Is ‘Sploshing’? AE Investigates

It’s Mardi Gras, and if your office is like ours, your break room might contain a king cake or two. Ever find yourself struck by the desire to throw such a cake on the floor, mash it into little pieces, roll around in the mess, and then have sex in it? No, neither have we, but if there’s anything that a job at a place like Adult Empire has taught us, it’s that the human mind’s capacity to imagine new and bizarre sexual expression is essentially limitless. The cake scenario is an example of “sploshing,” a food fetish that is receiving some of its widest exposure yet in Evil Angel’s new movie Fetish Fanatic 21. We decided to investigate further!

So, just what is sploshing, in its most concise definition? The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets offers a vivid and illuminating description: “Those excited by wet and messy fetishism, known as sploshing, enjoy bodies liberally doused with viscous substances like whipped cream, custard, pudding, chocolate sauce, or cake batter.” “Splosh” is a word that has existed for centuries, but one also wonders when it was first re-purposed for this most unusual practice. The Oxford English Dictionary offers no help, listing only the more conventional definitions of the word, but The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang gives us a better picture. The first recorded use of the term came in 1994 on a Usenet group. A 2009 episode of CSI: NY featured a subplot involving sploshing, giving further attention to the concept. Bananass from Bluebird Films was the first Adult Empire DVD release to spotlight sploshing, debuting in 2010 and making startling use of batter, bananas and plenty of things in between.

While not yet the subject of a mainline porn movie, cake-sitting seems to be a particular favorite of the sploshing community, earning a closer look from Refinery29 last year. Cake-sitters order up cakes of all varieties, strip down and then mingle their booties with the baked goods. “When a freshly chilled cake first touches your behind, you can’t help but let off a range of squeamish noises,” a cake-sitting newbie told Refinery29. “Also, the surprisingly satisfying sound of a bum squashing a meringue is one sound I never thought I would come across, nor will I ever forget.”

Kimberly Kane, another splosh amateur, went inside sploshing for Munchies and Vice in 2015. She visited dominatrix Mistress Shae, who has become one of the most famous practitioners of the sex and food fetish. Kane discovered that in its most sophisticated form, sploshing is far more than just a trumped-up sex food fight. “This is a whole other sensation, where you’re using blunt force, scratching, massaging and also the stimulants of what food can be, which can be a really intense feeling,” said Kane after a day of splosh experimentation with Shae. “You can relate the endorphin high you get from [splosh play to] runner’s high,” Shae herself offered.

What makes people try it out? Kane explained sploshing by looking into childhood, where scolding parents prevented us from acting out certain kidhood fantasies. “I love the psychology of fetish,” she said. “Our parents always told us, ‘Stop playing with your food!’ And now we’re grownups and we can play with all the food we want.” Sploshing is certainly sploshing quotation 2bizarre but seems motivated by the same animating impulses as the “oiled sex” genre, which also finds performers wallowing in the “viscous substances” the Oxford Companion so gleefully describes. The sense-intensifying blindfolds incorporated into some sploshing also calls to mind similar rituals in BDSM play.

Ready to give sploshing a taste? Fetish Fanatic 21 is a feast of the genre, boasting scenes with mustard, ketchup, macaroni, various vegetables and even a complete Thanksgiving-style menu (including pie). (Hands off that cake in the break room, by the way! No sploshing allowed.)

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