Kink Declares Los Angeles the Nation’s Kinkiest City

You never know what happens behind the bedroom door.

Your neighbors may seem like a normal suburban couple, but they might have a closet full of whips, chains and bondage gear. Your workout pal might seem like an average citizen, but maybe he has a secret, scandalous fetish or two. Kink is everywhere, hiding just beneath the surface! Nobody knows that better than the makers of, and they’ve now pulled back the curtain to reveal the top 10 kinkiest cities in the United States.

Los Angeles zoomed into the top position, displacing the previous winner (from 2015), Portland. The cities were ranked using a combined variety of metrics, including kink population, kink resources and overall interest in kink. “Los Angeles is quickly becoming the new center of the kink world,” said Kink’s Mike Stabile. “L.A. topped or nearly topped every metric we looked at, while being half the size of other kink centers like New York. And despite the rising housing market, kink-friendly spaces have not been forced out on the same scale they have in cities like San Francisco.” The fact that L.A. is also the center of the porn world can’t hurt either. Porn’s other favorite city, Las Vegas, found itself holding down the sixth position on the list.

New York, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, Boston and Austin filled out the remaining slots. Dropping off Kink’s list from 2015 were Philadelphia and Seattle. America’s least kinky city? El Paso. Despite Austin’s presence on the list, maybe everything isn’t bigger in Texas, after all!

(We here at Adult Empire are curious where our home city of Pittsburgh landed in the rankings. Given that there are no other post-industrial rustbelt cities in Kink’s top 10, we’re guessing the Steel City must have found itself on the low side of the rankings. Maybe our citizens just aren’t aware that Adult Empire and its accompanying warehouse full of porn and sex toys are just a stone’s throw away?)

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