Behind the Scenes with Porn’s Hottest Couples (Part 1)

With Valentine’s Day approaching, our thoughts are turning to romance – and there’s nothing sexier than a pornstar couple that gets busy both behind the camera and between the sheets. How do they balance work, life, love and lust without losing the sizzling chemistry that brought them together in the first place? Check out our rundown of the hottest pornstar couples and learn more about how they keep the fire going on set and off.

Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue were married in 2014. Mick described how different sex on set is to having sex at home. “If you have sex at home you can go at your own pace at your own times, it can be more intimate thing. If a camera would film this sex, the director would say it’s romantic and there is a connection but they would also say, ‘Where is the penetration?’”

However, what happens if they feel a real connection with another performer on set? “Feelings with a person come if you let the feelings come. You learn how to control that,” said Mick. Surprisingly, Anikka doesn’t have a problem watching her husband on set. “There is this sense of security and even though he might be having sex with someone else, I know our connection won’t be broken” she explained. –, April 12, 2016

As for how they maintain balance between work and their relationship, Blue offered, “We just really try to separate the work life from the private life. We like to stay at home, watch TV shows together and have a nice glass of wine together. We take Muay Thai classes — I’ve trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for eight years. We like to travel together. In our free time we try to do something with each other every other month, even if it’s just for a few days. Scuba diving is a passion we share together.” – XBIZ, July 15, 2016

Performed together in:

Mia Malkova & Danny Mountain

Danny Mountain, who was born in England, joined the adult industry in 2004, while California-bred Mia Malkova shot her first adult movies in 2012. Danny was Mia’s 5th or 6th B/G and she developed a big crush on him after their scene together.

“I ended up moving out to LA a year later and we worked together the day after I had moved,” said Mia. “We hooked up again that night and I found out I had moved into his apartment complex and we were neighbors. We saw each other a lot after that and fell in love and ended up marrying July 20, 2014.” Xcitement, July 2, 2016

Performed together in:

Jessica Drake & Brad Armstrong

Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong are in an open relationship. When asked if there was any jealousy or tension with the fact that they both have sex with other people for a living Jessica said, “No, it’s a professional thing. I knew before I was in the industry that I was not a jealous person by nature, as long as there is communication. When I got into the industry, that was something I had already been through and thought about and considered. It isn’t really an issue with either one of us. When we’re on set, it’s business, we’re working and we have jobs to do.” Vocativ, April 25, 2014

Performed together in:

Asa Akira & Toni Ribas

Asa Akira and Toni Ribas tied the knot in 2012 and have some unconventional methods in place to keep their marriage together. First Asa claims that they always sleep in separate bedrooms. “We spend every evening together like any normal couple, but when it’s time to go to sleep, we each get ready for bed in our own bathrooms, and then he comes to my room to tuck me in, we spend about ten minutes winding down, and then he goes to his room, and then we see each other in the morning,” said Akira. She also recommends fighting a lot in the first year. “Once we spent that first year fighting over every petty thing, we learned which issues were truly important and which were not worth fighting over,“ she said. Your Tango, July 13, 2016

Performed together in:

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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