Guest Blogger Tasha Reign: My AVN 2017!

Editor’s note: This exclusive post was written by Elegant Angel contract star Tasha Reign.

Reigndeer! It is 10:13pm in Los Angeles, California, and I just had a cup of very strong coffee. Today was a great day filled with hope, love and happiness.

The world as we know it has changed dramatically in the days since Donald Trump became President of the United States of America… but we are still protesting, we are still together and we are still one country.

About two weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, we had our AVN convention and awards show, where we come together every year as an industry to unite and entertain our fans. It is an exciting way to start off the New Year — and I believe it was my sixth AVN –- so, feeling confident and happy, I packed up my belongings here in the Hollywood Hills and headed up to Vegas with my boyfriend and more than a few bags stuffed in my big black Escalade.

This was my first year ever to bring a boyfriend; actually, it was the first of many things! I had waited to the last minute, as usual, to get ready for my first adventure of 2017, but one thing was a must… after I sloppily packed my suitcases full of lingerie, costumes, signing materials and dresses, I needed my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, In-N-Out Burger (grilled cheese animal-style, fries and a Dr. Pepper, please!).

Then there was the four-hour journey that ended up being a solid SIX hours due to some navigational errors on my end. We stopped for gas and finally –- yes, finally — we pulled up to Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Oh my God, was I blown away! It never ceases to amaze me how much energy, time and money goes into the spectacle that is the AVN show.

I have been lucky enough to partake in the photo shoot aspect of AVN for three years in a row! This year the photos of my co-workers and me were extra red, extra hot and full-throttle. As soon as you pull up to Hard Rock valet, the hotel is covered in huge posters of me and my amazingly beautiful co-workers; every wall, screen and billboard has to do with AVN and what parties are going to be attended by yours truly and the rest of the squad.

Here are some looks from AVN past: Which one is your favorite?


Then it is off to bed for some beauty rest, because tomorrow is a huge day! First, hair and makeup time with Angie Peek, a fabulous makeup artist that all the big companies use for movies, who is truly talented!

After hair and makeup (which takes about an hour and a half), it’s off to the races… consensually touching my breasts around the convention and just soaking in all the glam photography Elegant Angel has put up of me on the show floor!



This one looks like my next box cover for Hard Reign 2… stay tuned!

IMG_4285 2


After I have properly toured the whole hotel looking for epic photos of myself, I then realize it is officially time to do interviews and press… yay, one of my favorite parts of AVN! Got to get my sexy attire on… and take a selfie or five.



Rushing around the hotel like a crazy person, it’s time for me to dress up in all my slutty attire and meet and greet with all my fans! The #reigndeer are officially here to meet me! Stan is one of my most loyal reigndeer. I adore him!



The night has only just begun… Alexis Monroe and Anikka Albrite take me to Chippendales, where I can’t get enough of the scantily clad gentlemen… clearly!


Then Anikka and I, at some point, try to recreate our AVN photo shoot… but clearly it’s not picture perfect. LOL.


It’s so fun running into my fellow performers, especially BFF porn girls like Alexis Monroe! I am so lucky to have met so many kind and cool women in the adult industry!



After the hours-long signing sessions, it’s time to party! I just wanna have fun with my ladies Nina Elle, Dillion Harper and more! We head to Hard Rock hotspot Vanity to get it on!


Speaking of Nina Elle, we find each other the next morning at the AVN booth, having a blast and meeting our amazing fans!


Now it’s time to hit the red carpet at AVN so I can win my very first AVN AWARD! OMG what a thrill. I graced the carpet in my beige boots and short dress, flirting with the long line of camera lenses and loving all the attention!


That night I host a party at Sapphire, where I collect my flowers from my amazing fans and get ready to get down on stage as a cowgirl!


We take our photos and pose for the camera. Loving my pink cowgirl hat and brunette hair!



Can’t leave Vegas without a trip to the Encore/Wynn, where I indulged in the best food and yummy brunch! Their menu always has vegan options and an ambience of the finest vibes.


Somehow I convince my partner in crime to take me to the Grand Canyon. Although we got there very late and we didn’t get to see much, more than an eyeful is wasteful… I learned that in 7th grade at Big Bear Summer camp.

IMG_4471 2




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