AVN Gets Up Close With Aspen Rae

Cam girl, bodybuilder, future helicopter pilot, and co-host of the 2017 AVN Awards, Aspen Rae has a lot going on in her life. AVN recently conducted an exclusive interview with her about camming, bodybuilding, flying and future goals.

AVN: Where are you from, born and raised?

Aspen Rae: I was born and raised in Northern California. Right outside Yosemite National Park.

AVN: If you could have any other job besides what you do for a living now, what would it be?

Aspen Rae: I would love to work for Red Bull and fly their helicopters!

AVN: How and when did you get into camming?

Aspen Rae: I was jobless when I started camming. It was back in 2009 right after the huge housing market crash. I couldn’t find a job anywhere! Not even the fast food places. I had to pay my college bills somehow, and finding webcamming was what really changed my life.

AVN: When did you become interested in bodybuilding?:

Aspen Rae: Growing up I have always been active and involved in athletics.  when I was out of college, I didn’t have any team sports to play, so I became a little bit stagnant with my exercise. A few years ago I finally made the decision to hire a personal trainers, and I fell in love with the gym.  When she told me about competing I laughed in her face and through I would absolutely never willingly put myself through that kind of torture… not even a year later, I’m competing in my first show.

AVN: Where are you with helicopter training?

Aspen Rae: I have around 50 hours of flight time, with four hours of solo time. There isn’t a set number I need to hit. It’s a matter of knowledge both inside the helicopter and out. I hope to have my license by spring of 2017.

AVN: Who or what inspires you?

Aspen Rae: The previous year version of myself. I look at what I have done in my life the year prior and I try to beat her every time. Great accomplishments don’t happen over night, but as long as I feel like I have beat the girl from the prior year, I feel on track.

AVN: What is the quality you most line in a man?

Aspen Rae: I like the strong, masculine nature that men typically exude. Anything from the dominance in the bedroom, down to the facial stubble.

AVN: What is the quality you like most in a woman?

Aspen Rae: Being with women is fantastic. There’s nothing like being with someone who owns her own set of tools.

AVN: What would you like to achieve in the future?

Aspen Rae: Being a goal-oriented person, I set goals one year, five years, and 10 years from now. I have a laundry list of achievements I hope to accomplish over the next few years. The highlights are: private helicopter license, followed by commercial, get my ‘pro card’ with bodybuilding. I still have a ways to go for this one, and to launch my cam-girl boot camp program, where I plan to help other girls become successful webcam models.

Browse Aspen Rae’s Filmography here.

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