Ron Jeremy Sees Big Budget Porn Making A Comeback

Ron Jeremy looks like Einstein.”

So says a Youtube member in the comments section of the latest mainstream crossover vid featuring Jeremy, and who are we to argue? Jeremy attempts to summon the brainpower of a porn Einstein in “The Future of Porn with Ron Jeremy,” a short interview clip that finds the famous adult star saying where he thinks adult entertainment might go.

One of his most interesting observations? He thinks that big budget porn movies will probably continue to be an important genre for the adult industry. “They’ll still have those wonderful movies with big storylines, like Pirates, where they look like a real movie – with porn,” Jeremy says. The return of pricey movies would represent a resurgence of a genre that was hit hard by the rise of piracy and tube sites. Most of porn’s most famous high-cost movies date from nearly a decade ago or more. Think Flashpoint (1997), The Fashionistas (2002) or Pirates 2 (2008). Even Axel Braun‘s Star Wars parody is now six years old. (Braun attempted to fund a sequel spoofing The Empire Strikes Back, but the crowd-funding effort fell well short of the goal of $500,000, which would have likely been the biggest budget ever for a porn parody.) The blockbusters of the 2010s have focused less on the kind of elaborate sets and props associated with those movies and more on nuanced storylines (Emma Marx), high-concept premises (Not Traci Lords XXX), or pure star power (Aftermath).

Jeremy also discusses the rise of Oculus (“You see boobs coming at you!”), sex dolls and more. View the full video here:

Though now retired from adult aside from the occasional non-sex cameo, Jeremy is undoubtedly one of porn’s most famous male performers. His career was memorably chronicled in the 2002 documentary Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.

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