Vice Talks to Evan Stone About Playing Donald Trump in Parodies

Evan Stone is no stranger to the adult industry. After winning countless awards and starring in more than 2,000 scenes, the 52-year-old porn actor and director continues to rank in the top list of stars year after year. Stone is well known for his acting skills in porn parodies – starring in the well known Digital Playground hits Pirates and Pirates 2, as well as his work with Wicked Pictures and Axel Braun, Evan got to portray president-elect Donald Trump in the recent Hustler flick, The Donald. Vice got a chance to speak with Evan about playing his role at Mr. Trump.

VICE: We first spoke on election day before the results were in, and things turned out very different from what many people expected. What surprised you?

Evan StoneWell, definitely Trump winning. And I didn’t want to say it before, but I thought Prop 60 (which would have required porn performers to wear condoms) was going to pass and the entire adult film industry would be forced to move to Las Vegas—I don’t want to live in the desert! When I voted, I started having second thoughts about that, though, because in the write-up of the (voting) pamphlet it said it would cost the state of California millions and millions of dollars if the industry moves. I didn’t think they’d put that in there because it didn’t really seem bipartisan, but maybe people just read that and were like, “OK… we shouldn’t vote for it to pass.” People vote with their pocketbooks first.

VICENow you’re actually portraying the president-elect in these porn parodies, not just a celebrity running for office. Does that change anything for you?

Stone: I called the director making all the videos we’re doing on Pornington Post and asked, “What do we do now?” He replied, “You’re guaranteed a job for the next four years!” I told him I want to do even more with the series. I want to film one that takes place in the White House, but Obama and Biden have decided to stay there and hang while my Trump character stumbles through everything. There’d be sex-related narratives of course, but then we’d include gags where Obama and Biden hide a Kenyan passport in the Oval Office to fuck with Trump.If we had unlimited resources, we’d go to Mike Pence’s hometown, and, by exercising our freedom of speech, we’d shoot porn there—maybe even film it in the house he grew up in if it’s available to rent. We have to find a guy to play Pence now.

VICEDo you think there will be even more interest in these parodies from porn fans now that Trump is president-elect?

StoneOh yeah! Look at Saturday Night Live and how they’re kicking ass with the Trump satire. People are looking for this kind of levity with all the seriousness that’s going on. You have to be able to laugh, or else you will drive yourself crazy. People want to laugh and they want to jerk off, and that’s why I’m here.

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