Dani Daniels To Open Art Exhibit

We already know that Dani Daniel’s holds many talents. She’s funny, sexy, and one of the most popular performers in adult entertainment. But did you know that she is also into art? On Thursday, October 27th, Dani will open her ‘Painting All the Art’ exhibit at a New York gallery. Daniels created a technique called ‘Iconic Pointillism’ in which she uses the written word as pointillism or patterns. “No one has ever used handwritten words for pointillism before,” Daniels said. “It’s not a concept I came up with overnight. The process of creating texture and grey scale from typography has been and still is evolving over the years.”

Daniels, aka Kira Lee has used Iconic Pointillism to create murals of Hollywood icons, Marilyn Monroe and David Bowie and philosophical icons like the Dali Lama and Albert Einstein. “I love the idea of creating something with another connected thing,” Dani said. “Using theories to outline horn-rimmed glasses. Song lyrics twisted and turned into locks of hair. Heart-aching poems carved into crow’s feet. Culture-defining philosophies stitched into a silk robe. Gathering these beautiful writings and celebrating them collectively with something as dynamic as the artist’s portrait. This is my first showing in New York City and I can think of no better place to exhibit than 212 Arts. Come and check out my work and see in person the creation of iconography with typography,” Dani said.

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