‘Pornidential’ Debate(s)

This evening marks the final presidential debate of the campaign season, and for most people, the words “this concludes tonight’s debate” can’t come fast enough. It’ll be politics as usual as the candidates clash, but something much more fun is brewing here on the Adult Empire blog. We thought we’d offer a saucy series of “debate questions” themed around some of porn’s classic “which is better?” discussions. Vote for your fave and discuss in the comments section!


HardX or Blacked?

Both bring a glam, upscale look to the naughty hardcore action they present. HardX has the advantage of predating Blacked by several years, yet Blacked has established itself as the virtual default on Adult Empire’s DVD bestseller charts. Tough choice, but which label has the prime spot in your collection?


Blondes or brunettes?

We’ve heard all the cliched takes on blondes vs. brunettes: Blondes have more fun. Brunettes are more sophisticated. Blondes are the girls you take out; brunettes are the girls you take home to mom. Gentlemen prefer blondes. The list goes on! Vote to decide which you prefer.


Julia Ann or Lisa Ann?

Lisa Ann retired in 2014, but we still couldn’t resist pitching one last battle between the defining MILFs of the decade.


Butts or boobs?

They say you’re either a boobs guy or a butt guy. Recent surveys suggest that big butts are winning the battle with the general population. But do they win here on the AE blog, too? Vote to have your say!


Feature/parody or all sex?

People love to joke that porn movies never have a storyline, but some of the most famous adult movies of all time have featured elaborate plots and nuanced characters. Nevertheless, many of porn’s current bestsellers also jettison scripts in favor of wall-to-wall sex. Where do you weigh in on the debate about which is better?


Cream pies or facials?

The popshot is an essential porn trope, with plenty of interesting and even bizarre variations. Cream pies and facials are two of the classics — which one do you prefer?


Hotwife or cuckold?

Both genres center on a similar theme — a wife or girlfriend who has affairs on the side. However, in hotwife movies, the hubby enjoys and encourages the affairs, while in cuckold movies, the jilted lover is humiliated by his spouse’s indiscretions. Which scenario makes for better porn movies?


Elegant Angel or Evil Angel ?

“Angel” is a word you’ll find everywhere in porn, from performer names to studio logos. Evil Angel and Elegant Angel are two of the longest-running “Angel” porn labels, and both have won acclaim for their equally distinctive styles.


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