Featured Newbie: Kissa Sins

When you’re described as “naughty” in the world of porn, it’s probably not reproach. Similarly, anyone who has the word “sin” in their name probably is less heathen and more heartthrob. Kissa Sins may take her moniker from the ultimate act of divine transgression, but her movies aim for porno heaven. She’s made an impression in Brazzers scenes as one of their former contract stars, yet her primary on-screen playground seems destined to be Sinslife, a brand that is newly available on Adult Empire On Demand. Sinslife chronicles the sex-charged lives of its principal players, Kissa and husband Johnny Sins, who act out all their hottest fantasies in front of the camera with the alluring backdrop of their Hawaii home.

Originally from Pasadena, California, Kissa left behind the tedium of an office job to join the adult industry. “The only fear I have, out of all the millions of things available to be afraid of, is looking back on my life and saying ‘I wish I had done that’ because I’d rather live and learn from my mistakes than wonder if I’d make them,” Sins said. Three years ago, she met Johnny Sins, an established pornstar who debuted in 2006, and what started out as a fling turned into a blossoming life and business partnership. “He’s shy, quiet and adorable. He’s strong, motivated and a sexual monster. He is my favorite person,” Sins said of her husband.

Sinslife aligns with Bellapass and other similar brands in that it features a real-life porn couple whose sexual adventures constitute the majority of the label’s scenes. “We want to document our lives for our fans,” Kissa told AVN in March. “The Sins Life is putting together something unique and, right now at least, stepping outside that to do regular shoots for other companies doesn’t feel right.”

The first big spotlight for the duo’s brand on DVD and VOD is The Sins Life, a showcase that is billed as a look into “Johnny and Kissa’s real sex life.” Released last month on DVD, the movie has already climbed up to a current position of number three on Adult Empire’s charts, a rarity for a new label. The movie can also be streamed instantly on Adult Empire On Demand.

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