Spotlight Site: Behold ThePornDude

Editor’s note: This guest blog post was written by the creators of the popular porn-indexing site,

You hear people talk about this.

If you go to Thailand, you will hear whispers about it in the massage parlors. And those ladies know good stuff . . .

It is the new trend and maybe more – all new trends are here one day, gone the next. He is here to stay.

He gives you the forbidden fruit. Somehow he became the king of porn and his life is full of sins. What you see in Las Vegas is nothing. The new city of immorality and lust can be found somewhere else. Behind an Internet address.

But who is he? Is he the new Hugh Hefner? Is he a good guy? A macho-style new Marlon Brando? Can we speak his name? Yes, today we are allowed. He is ThePornDude, the character behind the crazy website that holds the same name. And he will deliver you a complete list of porn sites, by categories and niches. Shhh! He likes to be mysterious; don’t raise your voice when you talk about this. Let him do his job quietly. That’s the way he likes it. is not your regular porn-based website. It is a wonderful X-rated directory where you will find top-notch listings of destinations that you can visit if you are looking for genuine pornography. Every site that found its place here has a review and rating done manually by the guys behind this project. It has daily updates; you can send your feedback and they will listen. You want to hear more? I can tell you a few things about ThePornDude – rumors say that he used to date Kay Parker back in the days. We don’t know for sure, but we do know that Kay was the one who spread this rumor around.

From Top Porn Tube Sites to Top Premium Sites, from Best Dating Sites to Premium Nude Celebrities or from Free Adult Image Hosting to Best Adult NSFW Reddits, your heart will get a dose of adrenaline in a fraction of a second when you will access this place. Everything is done under careful attention and every review is written after a close and thorough examination.

I will give you an example – it is a pleasant afternoon; the sky is blue and your mind is dirty. You are a sophisticated man – you don’t waste your time with low-quality porn and you don’t do Google searches because a real man knows what he wants and when he wants it, he gets it. You have a thing for Latin babes and you are planning a trip to South America just to put your hands on a round mami ass. Since you like quality in everything you do, you need the best place around for this kind of porn content. It is simple, you access and you scroll down until you will see Top Latin Porn Tube Sites. That list is made under strict evaluation. You will find the best websites with Latin adult materials. Click on any link found there. Surprise! You will get a personal and private appointment with ThePornDude himself. He will give you his opinion about that porn nest. He knows pornography and pornography knows him. He talks XXX and he lives and breathes pornstars. He can tell you Jenna Jameson‘s cup size in Morse Code. The review has pros and cons and you can see a user rating. Heaven on earth! Visit this place, you will love it.

In the end, I will tell you one more secret. Rumors say that ThePornDude never sleeps. He has Jack Daniels whiskey in his veins. Some people reported posters with him in The Playboy Mansion. The new era of porn geeks is here – their king is here!

And this is just the beginning!

Visit the PornDude here.


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