New Guest Blogger: Brooklyn Chase

Editor’s Note: 32G starlet, Brooklyn Chase, busted into the XXX biz in 2013 and has rapidly become a fan favorite at AE. We are proud to announce that she is the latest edition to our realm of guest bloggers!

I’m so excited to be a guest blogger on Adult DVD Empire and can’t wait to share my thoughts and feelings on a topic that is important to me! As a person in the public eye, and specifically an adult performer, we open ourselves up to criticism from the world. While we receive endless support from fans, we also receive more than our fair share of negativity. This negativity has been brought to the center stage as of late with the mainstream media coverage of the brutal domestic violence attack of one of our own. While what she endured is heartbreaking and should never happen to anyone, the added pressure of what can only be described as “haters” reminds the industry that many see us as less human than themselves. In every article written about that terrible ordeal, each media outlet is sure to highlight that she is an “adult entertainer” or a “porn star”. Such categorization feels like being branded with a warning label, letting others know that we’re damaged or dangerous. Many view us as bad people, because we choose to embrace our bodies, our sexuality, and the freedom that comes with both of those. At what point did embracing things your enjoy about yourself become basis for insults, criticism, threats, and disparaging comments?

Personally, I receive many messages and comments on social media chastising me for me the job that I do, the individuals that I choose to work with, or my appearance. It seems some fail to realize that while adult entertainers have sex, dance, or model for a living, they still take those wages to put a roof over their heads, pay their bills, pay taxes, care for loved ones, donate to charities, and much more. We have families, pets, and hobbies. We cook holiday dinners, do arts and crafts, grab lunch with our friends, and visit our grandparents. We have people that love us for who we are. We do all the same things in life as those who like to paint us with a brush of shame. We’re broken, bad, damaged, immoral, or unworthy. Before someone comments that people in this line of work deserve misfortune, understand that we are people, too. It also helps to realize that we’re able to do what we do because we’re comfortable in our own skin, and one’s negativity speaks to their insecurity, not ours.

I met a new friend recently that had been briefed on my profession, before we were introduced. At the end of the evening, he commented that he couldn’t believe how “normal” I was and how common, and even mildly boring, my home life seemed to be. Whenever I hear that (which I have more than once), I find myself confused. Why wouldn’t I be normal? Does the fact that I embrace things about myself that others may find to be taboo mean that I’m supposed to be different? Let me assure you that that’s not the case. What one does for a living, or even just for fun, does not define their worth as a person.

Before someone decides that another is wrong for not sharing in their same ideology, I ask…what defines a person and their character more? Their occupation, or the way they treat others? Be kind, treat others with respect, embrace whatever it is you love about yourself, and applaud others for doing the same.

Brooklyn Chase

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