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Where I Rant a Bit about Race

Alvin Holmes recently said that lawmakers would support abortion if their daughters were made pregnant by black men. Wow. That much worse that Holmes (D) is a state representative from Alabama.

And with that, he’s getting to the core of an uncomfortable term for me in porn: Interracial. Because, let’s be honest, interracial is generally used for white women with black men. And it’s hyped alongside a first scene or first anal scene as something kind of landmark in a starlet’s career.

Here’s the thing, though. For a majority of us, mixing races isn’t a big deal. I’m not bothered with skin colour in porn. I’m actually bothered when skin colour is attached to gang stereotypes and the like (I’m looking at you, Devils Film). It’s much like Richard Sherman pointing out that “thug” has become a synonym for a much more inflammatory term. The way black men are marketed in the adult industry is a problem. A big problem.

It’s antisocial. Ultimately, that’s more or less how race is treated in porn. Latinas always have a hot or spicy reference. Don’t get me started on how Asians are frequently treated (though that seems to be less common).

Why does this bother me so much? Because white is more or less default. There isn’t a stereotype there to play off of. That speaks volumes to me.

Bottom line, to imply interracial being a thing is to say that it’s abnormal for races to mix. And everyone from my wife to my last three girlfriends have all dated men (and women) of different races. We live in a relatively rural area, too. No big deal.

Maybe it’s time for adult marketing to catch on to that and join us in the 21st century.

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