Love Advice From Tasha Reign on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is Tasha Reign‘s favorite day of the year. “I love that there’s a specific day to celebrate love. We don’t focus enough on intimacy in our relationships,” she said in a podcast on the High Regard Show. The Elegant Angel Contract star gave some advice on relationships, sex and Valentine’s Day. Here’s a brief run […]

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Tasha Reign Exclusive Guest Blog: Thinking Outside of the Pink Box

Editor’s note: This exclusive post was written by Elegant Angel contract star Tasha Reign. When I fantasize about what other couples do to keep their relationships alive, I often find myself pondering how fascinating it is that we have to take such measures at all. They seem forced, don’t they? You have to think about […]

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California Votes Down Prop 60

In a major victory for the adult industry, California’s Prop 60 legislation was defeated at the ballot box yesterday. With 99% of the vote reporting, “no” votes have captured a 54% to 36% victory. The controversial initiative would have required condoms in porn movies shot in California and enacted far-reaching legal restrictions on the porn […]

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