The ‘Solo Showdown’ Begins in Bonnie Rotten’s Latest

Bonnie Rotten‘s newest featured flick may have “solo” in the title, but don’t let the name mislead you. This is definitely a group effort all the way, putting a one-of-a-kind spin on the masturbation genre in way that only Bonnie and Airerose Entertainment could do. Bonnie Rotten’s Solo Showdown finds Bonnie bringing all her pals […]

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All ‘Alone’ with Keisha Grey: New Q&A

Keisha Grey has made headlines for some spectacular collaborations this year (her first DP and her first interracial anal), but Airerose Entertainment‘s Alone Time proves that she’s just as sizzlingly sexy in solo scenes. Adult Empire chatted with Keisha about working on Alone Time, her awards-show experiences and much more. What particular challenges do a […]

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Aussie Prof: Porn Makes the World Better

The media narrative in many outlets is that pornography’s overall effect on society is negative, but one Australian professor is having none of it. In a recent article from ABC Brisbane, Aussie academic Brian McNair, one of the world’s top experts on porn, rejects this notion, and says that his research and observations demonstrate quite […]

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