For Kayden Kross, Porn Is ‘Sacrosanct’ (NEW Guest Blog)

Editor’s note: The following post was written by frequent AE guest blog contributor Kayden Kross. Passion projects are reckless, if for no other reason than projects of passion don’t heed reason, and numbers are reasonable. There exists a quiet knowledge among producers of the more mainstream adult industry, and it is this: don’t go dark. The […]

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Picture This: ‘Interracial Threesomes’

Three’s a charm . . . good things come in threes . . . three cheers — there’s just something about groups of “three” that seem to evoke concise, precise perfection. Nowhere is this better in evidence than in Blacked‘s Interracial Threesomes series, which brings together some of industry’s hottest talent for threesomes shot in […]

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