Taboo Heat porn videos

Taboo Heat Keeps Things Hot on VOD

Certain things are taboo, and that’s exactly the reason some people can’t resist doing them! There’s a thrill to violating norms and shocking both yourself and the people around you. Taboo Heat takes those moments and dramatizes them into a series of fantasy scenarios. The studio’s distinctive brand of family roleplay, MILF, and fetish content is […]

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Cuckold porn videos

Trends (2005): Cuckolding

In celebration of Adult Empire’s 20th anniversary, we look at some of the porn trends and genres that shaped the company’s history. In this edition: CUCKOLDING. Humiliation, embarrassment, infidelity. These three elements seem counterintuitive as the basis of a popular porn genre, but the sheer scale of the cuckold category says otherwise. As of this writing, […]

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Kraft’s ‘Food You Want to Fork’ Ads Are More Evidence Porn Has Gone Mainstream

Porn used to be relegated to the shadowy fringes of popular entertainment, but the distinction between hardcore and mainstream is becoming increasingly fuzzy. Case in point? Kraft’s recent “Food You Want to Fork” ad campaign, which makes unabashed use of the visual language of pornography. We’ve heard of “food porn,” but this is taking it […]

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Another New Twist On ‘Auto-Eroticism’

The following blog post was composed by Coleen Singer at Porn For Women If you’re a regular reader of my posts, on top of needing a better way to spend your idle time, you know there’s (perhaps surprisingly) nothing particularly unusual about people trying to fuck cars. Typically, car-fucking comes in the rather predictable form […]

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2015 Holiday Sex Toy Gift Guide

Adult Empire is bringing sexy back for the holidays and what a better surprise for the sexy people in your life than a sex toy?  Whether it’s your husband/wife, boyfriend/ girlfriend, partner, FWB or even a gift for yourself – we have it all laid out for you in our 2015 Adult Empire Holiday Sex […]

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