Whorecraft porn video

‘Whorecraft: Legion of Whores’ Brings a Fantasy World to Life (VOD Exclusive)

Grab your sword. String your bow. Sharpen your arrows. And unleash your desires! Stoney Curtis proudly presents Whorecraft, Legion of Whores, a 150-minute epic that plunges you into a spectacular fantasy world of orcs, dragons, castles, and more. For fans of real-time strategy games, popular fantasy TV shows, and mythic fantasy film franchises, Whorecraft represents porn’s most immersive […]

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Supernatural Sex Part 4

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction. Read Part 3 here. This morning, I looked in the mirror. I was hot again. I had muscles on my muscles and some of those had muscles too. I was about 25 years old and super fit, with tan skin. Any girl would be lucky […]

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Supernatural Sex Part 3

Editor’s note: This post by ΠAN is a work of fiction. Read Part 2 here. June, the cute waitress from my local diner had just finished sucking my dick and she was now bent over, hands on the green sink of the bathroom. She had a pretty small butt but I liked it. Why was this […]

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