Polyamorous porn video

‘Polyamorous’ VOD Spotlights Exclusive Threesome Action

Can you love more than one person at once without breaking hearts? Polyamory says yes. The latest threesome porn movie from JoyMii, Polyamorous, explores the steamy side of the lifestyle in the latest Adult Empire On Demand exclusive! The poly perspective posits that monogamy is not for everyone and that open-minded and emotionally secure people […]

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Tiffany, Sexy Secretary porn video

Marc Dorcel Hires ‘Tiffany, Sexy Secretary’ (VOD Exclusive)

Secretaries Day, held each year in April, is now generally referred to as Administrative Professionals Day, an understandable concession to political correctness and changing terminology. There’s even a movement to abolish the day completely! We won’t wade into those murky political waters, but we certainly are glad that porn is still willing to celebrate the […]

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Breaking Glass Pictures, Ovidie Shatter Porn Stereotypes (New to VOD)

Arthouse movies are intelligent, daring, provocative and enthralling. They challenge the mind and engage the senses. At times, they even push the envelope in terms of sexual content, occasionally garnering NC-17 or unrated status in the United States. Ever wished arthouse movies were able to take that sexual dimension to its logical extreme, with scenes […]

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High-Class Hookers Come Calling in ‘Megan Escort Deluxe’ (VOD Exclusive)

The world’s oldest profession is the newest blockbuster for Marc Dorcel. Escorts come in all varieties, from every class and creed, ranging from the streetwalkers of the big city to the madams of the most expensive bordellos. Marc Dorcel focuses on the high-class version, with all their incumbent luxury and elegance, in Megan Escort Deluxe, […]

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VR Scene: ‘They’re Waiting For You’ Turns You Into A Pornstar

Marc Dorcel is turning its glamorous gaze toward virtual reality. The Paris-based company, known for its chic Euro-porn featuring top continental stars, has released a new VR scene entitled They’re Waiting For You. It’s the first effort in the genre for Dorcel, promising to give viewers the ultimate up-close-and-personal experience with five of the company’s […]

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#TT: 5 Fascinating Facts from ‘Pornography: The Secret History Of Civilization’

A porn energy drink? CD-ROM porn? In honor of Throwback Thursday, we decided to take a look back at the fascinating 1999 British documentary Pornography: The Secret History Of Civilization. Accurately characterized in its official description as “a serious, non-titillating history of pornography, from the earliest days of erotic art right up to the present […]

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