What Would a Cherie DeVille Presidency Look Like?

In 2020, Cherie DeVille and Coolio are hoping to turn the White House into a pornstar’s paradise. DeVille, a popular MILF in the Julia Ann mold, announced her bid for the presidency back in August, but her potential run has only recently gotten press attention, including new articles from the Huffington Post and Daily Beast. […]

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Jenna Jameson Admits Huge Crush on Israeli Prime Minister

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said. Kissinger didn’t have matinee-idol good looks by any standard, but he did possess power, and that was enough to make him a legendary ladies’ man. He isn’t the only international figure to benefit from the powerful aura politics can bring. Former pornstar […]

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Mia Khalifa as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia?

Sure, actors have become ambassadors before — Psycho‘s John Gavin comes to mind — but who ever heard of a pornstar turned ambassador? A petition submitted on Change.org is hoping that Mia Khalifa will become the first. Penned by Dalcolm Rodriguez-Goldstein, the request asks President-elect Donald Trump to consider appointing the Lebanese star to the […]

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