Can A Single Musical Note Make A Woman Climax?

Remember the scene in Howard Stern’s Private Parts where the radio shock jock brings a woman to orgasm using a speaker’s subwoofer? That ridiculous, entertaining sequence can hardly be regarded as anything close to documentary fact, but it does illustrate the intriguing connection between sonic stimulation and sex. Broadly recently investigated whether there is indeed […]

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The Six Weirdest Sexually Suggestive Infomercials

As absurd as they typically are, infomercials are oddly hypnotic and sometimes compulsively watchable. They’re also often downright weird, loaded with bizarre dramatized scenes, outlandish hosts, excessively enthusiastic endorsements . . . and sexually suggestive products and sequences. Sex sells, after all, and that’s one thing infomercials never seem to forget, even if the results […]

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Paltrow’s Latest Bad Advice: Putting Jade Eggs in Your Vag

In a memorable scene from Woody Allen‘s Annie Hall, protagonist Alvy Singer finds himself asking passers-by what they do to keep their sex lives interesting. “With your wife in bed, does she need some kind of artificial stimulation?” he queries one man strolling down the street. “We use a large vibrating egg,” the man responds, […]

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