Study: Regular Sex in Old Age Helps Keep Your Mind Sharp

Want to maintain razor-sharp mental acuity well into old age? Crossword puzzles and brainteasers might help, but new research suggests that an even more fun activity will keep those neurons firing. That’s right — we’re talking about sex! The Journal of Gerontology published a study this week that says older people who are more sexually active […]

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Sex Toys Through Time

Destination #2 on AE’s world tour has brought me to Prague. The land where beer is cheaper than water and the first and only museum devoted exclusively to sex toys resides.  Check out some of the more note-worthy items from their erotic collection of 200+ items dating back to the 16th century. Piquer A piquer is […]

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But What Does Her Father Think?

Most people assume that the parents of pornstars must be ashamed of their children’s careers. Not so in the case of Aurora Snow‘s father, who not only approves, he is emphatically proud of what his daughter has accomplished. The Daily Beast chatted with Aurora and her father about his surprisingly open-minded perspective on her life’s […]

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