When It Raines, It Pours: College Student Offers Her Virginity to the Highest Bidder [UPDATED]

It may sound like the premise of a summer-movie sex comedy, but it’s not appearing at a multiplex near you anytime soon. Nope, you can get a front row seat for this high-concept idea by pulling up a virtual chair in cyberspace: college student “Elizabeth Raine” (a pseudonym) is auctioning off her virginity. The auction’s […]

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Cum Laude: Publishing House Launches Porn Studies Journal

My college journal assignments would have been so much easier to get through if they’d dealt with subject matter like this! Stroll down the venerated halls of any of the world’s greatest universities and you will find first-class brains contemplating all the most fascinating disciplines imaginable: biology, literature, art, music, philosophy and more.  Despite its […]

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Will American Apparel’s New Mannequins Cause a Hairy Situation?

Retailer American Apparel’s store on East Houston Street in NYC has certainly done its job in catching the attention of potential customers by using more, well, au naturel mannequins.  According to one employee, the pictured mannequins (Photo Courtesy of Jen Chung/Gothamist) went up without warning last night, and he had never seen them before. Not sure how […]

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