5 Crazy Facts About Bangkok’s Blowjob Bar

Well, this gives new meaning to ordering a “cocktail.” Vice’s Laurel Tuohy and a pseudonymous friend checked out Dr. BJ’s Salon, a notorious blowjob bar in one of the world’s most sex-crazed cities, Bangkok, Thailand. What did they learn? Adult Empire has five crazy facts about this too-wild-to-not-be-true Far East locale.    Fourteen identical Dr. BJ’s Salon signs greet […]

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Sex-Starved Husband Keeps Spreadsheet Detailing Bedroom Woes

Some people get their thrills from watching an adult movie or leafing through the pages of an XXX magazine. But if this accountant-style spreadsheet is any indication, something as simple as the 1040A or the Price Waterhouse Cooper newsletter might reduce its author to a state of ecstatic, transported bliss. Check out the spreadsheet here. Wow! […]

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University Develops Video Algorithm to Get to the ‘Good Stuff’

Everyone wants to get to the good stuff, right? Carnegie Mellon University (found in Adult DVD Empire’s own stomping grounds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) has developed a video algorithm that skips past the slow parts of content and takes your right to the most exciting action. While not expressly designed for use during porn viewing, it’s not a […]

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