Elvis Revealed as Fan of Classic Porn

Elvis was a fan of The Devil in Miss Jones? We’re all shook up. Elvis’s fondness for vintage adult entertainment was just one of the revelations made in a new memoir written by Presley’s former girlfriend Linda Thompson. In a series of book excerpts published on Radaronline.com, Thompson talked at length about her relationship with […]

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Give to Charity? You Probably Have More Sex, Study Says

If you find yourself writing out monthly checks to Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International or PETA, your pen may not be the only thing that’s stirring. According to a pair of new studies from the British Journal of Psychology, charitable people have more sex. “Researchers found that straight women received more sexual attention from when […]

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Loud Sex Results in Prison Time for Pennsylvania Woman

Anyone who has ever shared a living space with other people probably knows what it’s like to suddenly hear some embarrassing sounds coming through the wall. Tom Perrotta captures this experience nicely in his book Joe College, when the story’s protagonist suffers through the antics of his amorous roommates next door: “Nancy kept saying Fuckmeohfuckmepleasefuckme […]

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