Pornosexual: The Latest Orientation?

When it comes to sexual orientation, there’s no shortage of preferences and accompanying terminology. For instance, a sapiosexual is someone who prefers to couple with highly intelligent people. And an ecosexual, meanwhile, likes to get busy with nature. (No, really!) The latest addition to the lexicon is “pornosexual,” someone who prefers adult movies over traditional […]

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Five Toys That Are the Adult Version of the Fidget Spinner

Kids these days! Fidget spinners are the latest youth craze, following irresistible and addictive time-killers such as Pogs, Giga Pets and Pokemon Go. Opinion has been divided on whether the spinners are a harmless distraction or a dangerous annoyance. We’ll reserve judgment on that, but another question has popped into our minds: why should kids get to […]

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