Macy Gray’s Latest Song Salutes Her Vibrator

The vibrator has finally gotten a song of its own. And no, we’re not talking about Jefferson Airplane’s “Plastic Fantastic Lover.” Macy Gray’s newest music video salutes “B.O.B.” (battery-operated boyfriend), the artist’s amiable acronym nickname for her favorite sex toy. The lyrics strike a tone of loving appreciation, including such odes as “Rabbit from a […]

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5 Fascinating Facts from Reddit’s Insider Look at Porn

You know how they say “there’s an app for that?” Well, it seems that if you’re curious about virtually any given subject, “there’s a Reddit thread for that” — and one that’s usually stuffed with fascinating tidbits and insights. Yesterday, one inquisitive Redditor asked “Porn Actors of Reddit, what is something the viewers really don’t […]

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Sex Addiction May Be A Myth

Addiction itself seems to be the latest media addiction these days, with numerous recent news pieces on the subject, including some that suggest that the oft-mentioned concept of “porn addiction” is false. Taking this one step further, the recently published book Sex Addiction: A Critical History says that sex addiction itself may be a myth. […]

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