Adult Empire donut

National Donut Day (The Naughty Version)

It all began with me yelling out loud, “Something smells damn good!” As I looked around 6th Street of Austin, Texas, amongst the bars and pizza joints, I see good old Voodoo Donut. I had heard, and seen through pornstar Instagram photos that they are known for having a cock-‘n’-balls donut. A big black cock-‘n’-balls […]

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Breaking Glass Pictures, Ovidie Shatter Porn Stereotypes (New to VOD)

Arthouse movies are intelligent, daring, provocative and enthralling. They challenge the mind and engage the senses. At times, they even push the envelope in terms of sexual content, occasionally garnering NC-17 or unrated status in the United States. Ever wished arthouse movies were able to take that sexual dimension to its logical extreme, with scenes […]

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DVD Review: ‘Prison Lesbians Vol. 4’

Editor’s note: The following review was written by Adult Empire reviewer Willy Milano. Prison Lesbians 4 from Sweetheart Video and writer/director Dana Vespoli looks like a very promising flick and somebody even mentioned that it’s kinda like watching Orange is the New Black (I have no idea about that because I’ve never watched the show). […]

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