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‘Invictus’ Is Equal Measures Politics & Passion

“It’s a free count—,” says Delirious Hunter near the opening of Invictus. She quickly catches herself and says instead, “Was a free country.” The movie takes place in a world where the rule of law has been taken over by extremism, and only the strong survive. While it is technically set in a dystopian future, its themes and concerns are very much of the present moment: climate change, intolerance, anti-rationality, and prejudice against the media. It also delivers on the tangible chemistry and powerful sex scenes expected in any adult movie, particularly one from a brand as popular and acclaimed as Sssh.

It’s often said that politics stops at the water’s edge, but sometimes it seems like politics stops at the edge of the bedroom, too. Porn usually contents itself to focus on passion alone, with little room for serious discourse. There are many notable exceptions, of course, and Invictus takes its place among the unique breed of movie that can arouse your libido and intellect. Invictus unfolds in the post-apocalyptic landscape that made Apocalypse X and more recently Squirtwoman: Wasteland such popular hits, but it puts its own unique spin on the genre.

For the filmmakers, the movie’s political tone was no accident. “I’m not a senator or congresswoman, so I have no vote on who gets to serve on the Supreme Court, or any input on the environmental policies (or any policies) government agencies enact or enforce,” director Angie Rowntree said. “As a filmmaker, my movies are my platform – and Invictus represents the first time I’ve used that platform to communicate a political message.” The movie’s script was written by Kitten Boheme, known for her scripts for movies such as Booty Thirst Trap as well as her continuing lineup of sex toy reviews.

The movie delivers on the bottom line in terms of on-screen passion, too. “All three sex scenes are so unique and exquisitely executed that they take my breath away. Each scene creates a perfect blend (or ménage à trois if you will!) of cinema, art, and sex,” said Hunter. In a nice casting touch, the leads are played by a real-life husband and wife (Hunter and Joeydotrawr). Invictus is also available as part of Adult Empire Unlimited

Invictus porn video

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