Jessica Drake Rises Again in ‘Fallen II’

For some movies, a sequel seems like a long shot. The fourth Indiana Jones movie saw a series of false starts, misfires, rejected scripts, and production woes before it finally reached screens in 2008, a full 19 years after the previous installment. 2008 was a significant year for another reason: it saw the release of Fallen, one of the most acclaimed porn movies of the decade. Starring Jessica Drake as an angel fallen from grace, this porn version of Wings of Desire became an award winner and fan favorite, still ranking in the top 100 on Adult Empire’s all-time bestseller lists. Even so, its expansive budget made a sequel seem unlikely in the financial crunches of the post-piracy era. But in matters both celestial and Wicked, the impossible sometimes becomes possible! Against all odds, Fallen II makes its debut this month on DVD in a remarkable sequel that belongs in every fan’s collection!

Fallen part one found Angel (Drake) falling in love with a mortal, Keith (Brad Armstrong, the movie’s director and Drake’s real-life partner), but part two takes the saga in a darker direction along the lines of satanic clashes like The Omen and End of Days. Drake and Armstrong become entangled with Max (Leigh Raven), whose unborn child promises to be the world’s savior. Both the forces of heaven and the forces of hell will do anything to take possession of Raven, setting up an epic battle of good and evil. A whopping seven sex scenes provide a passionate backdrop to this remarkable story of redemption, charged by memorable performances from stars new and old.

“We’re very proud to bring our loyal fans the next chapter in the saga,” Armstrong told AVN. “Jessica Drake is incredible in her return as the Fallen Angel from the original. As unbelievable as it sounds, she looks even better than she did ten years ago. Tommy Pistol is staggering as Pharzuph, the Devil’s minion. He is indeed this generation’s Randy Spears. Both Misty Stone and Isiah Maxwell took huge leaps out of their comfort zones to play Archangels Gabriel and Azrael, and it really paid off. Last but not least, Leigh Raven was absolutely mesmerizing as Max, a down and out prostitute who turns out to be this millennium’s version of the Virgin Mary and mother of the New Savior. They should all be commended for their efforts. Each and every member of the cast made the project that much better.”

“I feel like the darkness in the sequel gives us an edge over the first one, and the acting from Leigh, Tommy, Misty, Brad and Isiah raises the bar even higher,” said Drake. “Playing opposite all of them was an amazing opportunity, and I am so grateful for the talent they brought to the table.”

The DVD version of the movie is a deluxe two-disc set offering the full-length version of Fallen part one as a bonus.

Fallen II porn movie

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