Alexis Fawx Notches Her First Anal in HardX’s ‘Alexis’

You might have noticed that Alexis Fawx is looking a little different lately.

The primary change is the color of her beautiful, flowing hair, which has gone from a classic pornstar blond to a mature and sophisticated brunette. But what about that mischievous glint she’s got in her eye? It’s the look of a pornstar who has just accomplished a breathtaking range of astonishing firsts! Alexis, newly released this week from HardX, finds the title star performing in her first anal, first girl/girl anal, first interracial anal, and first double penetration! It’s an exciting moment for Alexis’s fans, who have waited for these firsts for nearly a decade.

“I started in July of 2010, and back then, I was asked, ‘Do you think you’ll do [anal, double penetration, and more]?” Fawx told director Mason in an interview contained in the movie itself. Fawx was reluctant to take the plunge with the major firsts, but as the years wore on, she began to become more receptive to the idea. “I look at everything as a beginning versus an end. So even when one thing closes, that’s the beginning to another. So I think with that attitude and everything like that it’s really opened up so much. I’m going to be really opened up!” she said. Fawx also noted that a showcase feature like Alexis has allowed her to step momentarily away from the MILF genre, which has defined most of her recent work.

Such a film takes a director with a keen eye and good instincts. Mason, one of porn’s most preeminent moviemakers, has been behind the camera for many pornstar firsts. “I love having a woman director on it! It’s really cool,” Fawx told Holly Randall in an episode of Unfiltered. “It’s been really nice to work with her on it and to be expressive in the creativity of it. It was really nice to also work with Mick Blue.”

In the run-up to shooting her first anal scene, Fawx reached out to some of her colleagues for insight, advice, and support. “I asked like a million of the girls! That’s the beauty of it. I reached out to Phoenix Marie [known for her fondness for anal]. I was texting Penny Pax in the morning, ‘Hey, guess what I’m doing!’ This what I do to my friends! They were all there for me.”

In the end, shooting firsts like anal is all about familiarity with your own body, according to Fawx. “It’s also about learning what works for your body,” she told Randall. “Even though you think you know your body inside-out, it’s totally different. You get to know your body on a much deeper level – what things feel like, and learning to relax more and really go with it and enjoy it.” (Check out the Unfiltered podcast here.)

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