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JoyBear Joins AE Unlimited, Upgrades to HD

Physical intimacy is important, but emotional intimacy is just as key to finding true chemistry. Forget about sex for a moment and think about some of your favorite pornstars purely in terms of persona. Are they someone you’d click with on both a physical and emotional level? Do they have a vibrant, engaging personality to go along with their world-class looks? JoyBear, a unique porn studio from Great Britain, seeks to provide porn that features the sort of stars and characters that you’d enjoy spending your time with on every level, not just a sexual one. “They must be someone you’d be extremely happy to sit next to for an evening and enjoy flirting with. The more it feels like it could really happen, the more of a turn on it becomes. Are you getting excited yet?” says the company’s official mission statement. Count us in! It gets even better: JoyBear is coming to Adult Empire Unlimited, and the studio’s existing AE Demand catalog has been upgraded to full HD! New features and compilations from the company will debut in the coming months.

The studio was founded in 2003 by British film student Justin Santos as a bastion of “premium, sex-positive movies.” The movies feature mostly British and Eastern European stars, but American performers make occasional appearances, too. JoyBear also makes sure that the male co-stars are just as dazzlingly attractive as their female counterparts. Santos told XBIZ in 2011 that he favored “appealing, good-looking guys” who were “not grossly overweight, hairy, chauvinistic or masochistic.” Through the years, the studio has been consistently cited as one of the best creators in the “porn for women” genre. JoyBear was recently highlighted by Bustle in its rundown “8 Places To Watch Ethical Porn That Focuses On Female Pleasure“: “A porn site that has provocative female characters? As in female characters that are multi-dimensional and not some cliche of a what a woman should be? Finally! Hollywood, take notes.”

New to JoyBear? Start with Quartet (pictured above), a movie that takes us into the sex lives of the members of a Hungarian quartet. The opening montage draws parallels between the bowing of strings and the sexual rhythms of the bedroom, setting the tone for the action that follows. Educating Reeves, meanwhile, has a more developed plotline about a headstrong country girl who tries to save her beloved property from a greedy developer/race car driver. Every JoyBear movie is marked by a sex-positive outlook and a glossy, inviting visual style.

Browse JoyBear on Unlimited here (new titles will continue to be added to the existing library); browse JoyBear’s AE On Demand selection here.

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