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The box cover for one of Natasha Nice‘s most recent porn movies features the star squeezing her generous 36D boobs together in a frame-filling explosion, all under the title Big F’n Titties. While it’s tempting to define this star by her astonishing physical attributes, she is a multi-faceted performer who could just as easily appear under the title Big F’n Talent. We chatted with this veteran star about her life and career. Check out our Natasha Nice interview, exclusive to the Adult Empire Blog!

What made you decide to become a porn star?

It had been a long time coming! No pun intended. I was always very curious about my body and had been touching my hooha since age 9. My parents tried to get me to stop but I was just too curious. Then when my boobs came in at 11, my hormones began to rage and my best source of sexual education was either my Christian upbringing or the internet. I found porn around age 15 and Ive been intrigued by it ever since. I don’t feel it was a mistake. I eventually learned to get myself off by humping a pillow or with the runnning bathtub water and discovered a newfound sense of self awareness as a result of being able to make myself cum. When I turned 18, I wasn’t yet ready to pursue college and I looked into nude modeling. When a porn agent approached me, it just felt like the appropriate next step in my journey of sexual self-discovery.


You were born in Paris, correct? Do you visit often?

I was born very near to Paris, yes. I visit about every 4 years or so. The last time I visited was to shoot a few films out there and I had an amazing time. This was back in November. I visited the Dorcel offices, shot with some very sexy talent and even did some sightseeing on my day off. Unless you live there, you can never really get enough. I felt Paris actually WITH me for several weeks after I got back to the States. It’s weird. That city is powerful.


A few years ago you took a break from porn. What made you decide to come back?

I’m an entertainer at heart. I’ve always been very theatrical, very eccentric, veeeery horny. Girls like me with big real tits, we have strong hormones and we burst thru doors. I don’t think the world would ever understand me unless I was center stage. I like putting my energy to use by seeing how I can turn people on and drive them crazy. I took a break to see new places and try new things and I’m glad I did it – it’s tough to commit until you’re really sure – but I was always feeling nostalgic so it was only a matter of time before I came back, no holes barred.


Do you have a favorite scene/movie that you starred in?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’d probably say Dear Abby by New Sensations because it got me nominated for Best Actress, which set the bar for me as a performer and let me know which direction to move in.

Who are your favorite stars to work with?

This question is unfair lol, but I’d say Markus Dupree, Johnny Castle, Chad White, Georgia Jones, Alison Tyler, and Lindy Lane to name a few.

What’s something that you’ve wanted to do on camera but haven’t yet?

I think it’d be really hot to film a masquerade ball that turns into an orgy. The mystery of fucking strangers paired with the mood of the event I think could make for something very sweaty and intense.

Do you like performing in all girl scenes or guy/girl scenes best?

I think guy/girl/girl is by far the best. Getting fucked in doggie by a nice cock while getting lost eating a girl’s pussy is quite literally the best of both worlds.

You started in 2006 in an era when porn was very different. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the industry since then?

I’d say the roles that girls play in their own careers has definitely shifted. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention when I was 18 but it seems like some girls are way more in charge of the direction in which their careers are moving compared to before

What’s the biggest practical challenge of having big boobs?

Omg, running! Lol. I wear two sports bras at the gyms and I still get funny looks hehehe

What was the corniest or strangest piece of porn dialogue you’ve ever had to say?

I can’t remember but one time I was listening to porn with a girlfriend of mine while she was eating me out and I heard the female character say “I can feel it in my uterus!” We both started cracking up. I think it was hentai

What’s the filthiest French slang expression you can teach us?

Regarde moi pendant que tu devores mon cul… [This roughly translates to “Look at me while you devour my ass.”]

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

You can look forward to the continued improvement and development of my website,, as well as my brand in general 🙂

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