Dredd and Angela White pornstars

Angela White Takes on Dredd in ‘Dredd 4’

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but Angela rushes in with no fear of Dredd.

In many ways, Angela White and Dredd are well matched as scene partners. Both are established stars who have become porn brands in their own right over the past several years. Angela released a series of blockbusters through AGW Entertainment before becoming a full free agent in 2016; Dredd started his career in 2009 and launched a series of popular self-titled movies beginning in 2017. Both are known for supersized assets: White for her GG-cup breasts, Dredd for his enormous penis. Dredd 4 from Jules Jordan Video brings these stars together onscreen for the first time! The results speak for themselves as one of the most memorable scenes of the year thus far.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the buildup to the sex scene involves talk of Dredd’s famous endowment. The cover features White sliding her forearm along Dredd’s erection to provide some scale, and White openly muses about Dredd’s assets as the sequence itself begins. “He will have no problem sticking right up through [my boobs],” she notes. “A lot of cocks disappear between them, but I have a feeling I’m going to struggle to do my usual magic trick. I’m going to try, though!” Off-screen and holding the camera, director Jules Jordan responds by billing the scene as a sort of “Clash of the Titans” between the biggest cock and the biggest tits.

The scene itself is expertly paced and performed to make the max out of both actors’ charisma and best attributes. Angela purrs with anticipation when Dredd enters the scene, staring at the bulge in his pants that makes it look like he’s smuggling a scale model of a WWII submarine. When the blowjob begins, it seems as if Angela is barely even able to fit Dredd’s tip in her mouth, but before long, she settles into a groove and even manages to take Dredd’s impressive length for some anal action. The scene climaxes as he finishes on her chest while Angela quite literally squeezes every last drop of cum out of his shaft.

For White, it was a scene to remember. “Dredd was an absolute pleasure to work with,” she told AVN. “His cock is certainly the biggest I’ve ever had. There were moments during the scene where the sensation of having him inside me made me dizzy. It was an incredible experience!”

Dredd 4 also finds the title star in pairings with Gina Valentina, Jada Stevens, and Bridgette B.

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